Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thing 12: Can You Hear Me Now

I'm a huge fan of NPR's podcasts. It's a relief to know if I'm listening to something interesting in the car and can't hear the entire interview that I can pull it up later. In fact, that just happened Monday when I was on my way to a meeting and Robin Young was interviewing Tina Fey when I would be unable to listen. I was able to catch it later in its entirety. A few weeks ago I was listening to an interview and NRP announced that it had been edited for time restraints, but the entire two hour interview was available via podcast.

For this assignment, I tried out some of the recommended sites to visit and then searched surfing. It is my intent, when I retire, to surf the world (literally, with a real surfboard.) I was amazed at the number of sites offering podcasts. Some sights also cover skateboarding and snowboarding. My favorite of the bunch was at
It includes videos and podcasts of interviews with notable surfers, reports of the counterculture fashion and trends, underground music tracks, games, contests to win stuff etc. I listened to one of the podcasts called Storm Trackers where in this episode Ben Macartney, Head Forecaster at Coastalwatch sends Paul Morgan and Zahn Foxton down the south coast of Australia to track a big southerly swell. I plan on visiting this site again, optimistically hoping that the stock market rebounds and that my knees hold out so I can catch a tasty wave when I'm old.

And lo and behold, even NPR has a podcast for surf conditions--who knew?

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