Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Friend Flikr

We've been using Flickr at my library for some time now to document events and happenings. We've just posted photos from our three storytime Halloween parties. Go to Flickr and search for Weymouth Public Libraries. We've also added our historic local postcard collection and there's a direct link from our web page. I've also added photos to the New England Library Association's photostream which were taken at the recent conference. Visit for a look.

I've also been a Picasa user for quite some time. It's free, easy and allows you to do some editing and effects that were only previously available if you owned Photoshop. I took my son's senior portrait myself and was able to "doctor" it up, print multiple sizes and copies to distribute. If you look at his yearbook, you can't tell the difference between his photo and those that were professionally taken. My daughter is a senior this year, and her school insisted that all students use the same professional photographer. It was $35 just for the sitting and the prices for photo packages were ridiculously expensive--can you believe $300 for a photo package of 4 photos? So, we opted for the photo just for the yearbook and I've taken a bunch of casual shots that I'll print up and she'll distribute to friends. Frugal creativity rocks!

In the spooky spirit of the season, I've embedded photos of our Halloween pumpkins.

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