Monday, November 17, 2008

Thing 19: Clip, Clip!

This activity made me cringe at the disaster called "Favorites" on IE. I moved all of my bookmarks over to Delicious and found a historical journey as my bookmarks were shown in chronological order...working on that new library project (list of architects), planning the last family vacation (The DIS and Unoffical Guide to Walt Disney World), fed up and thinking about a change (LIS jobs). So, at the very least, I'm hoping Delicious will help me clean up my act and better organize my bookmarks for sharing. I searched Gaming and Public Libraries in since last Saturday day was Gaming Day @ Your Library and I've also done 2 introductory Wii sessions at our senior center. I'm still looking for more information establishing league play and will be revisiting some of the new sites I found on Delicious. I found The Last Librarian (will also have to add his blog to Google Reader) and the ALA Techsource Gaming, Learning and Libraries Symposium which I am determined I will attend next time (I said that last year too). I also happened onto a nice site that rates and reviews gaming periodicals just in time as my Ebsco list is up for renewal. I also visited Clipmarks, it looks fairly easy to use like a virtual scrapbook and I appreciated the YouTube tutorial. I toured the Chelmsford (MA) Public Library's social bookmarking site for a look at how it can be used in a public library as a shared reference tool. Frankly, I hadn't thought about using any of the social networking sites, but now the possibilities are very exciting to be used for staff training and as a resource for anyone provide reference or reader's advisory service from any point in the library.

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