Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thing 13: This thing, that thing, Library Thing

I 've been using GoodReads and just recently playing around Virtual Bookshelf on Facebook as I find more userfriendly to see what my facebook friends are reading and reviewing. I have to admit that I sporadically add to my list and never post a review, even though I enjoy reading other's reviews. I use it as a personal tool to manage my reading lists and for collection development purposes at my library. I have fooled around with LibraryThing, but I enjoyed taking the time to look at Library Thing for Libraries how Danbury is using it and plan on going back to see how other public libraries are incorporating it. I did return to LibraryThing and searched for scary books and since I'm reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, I searched for vampires. As an aside, there's a very interesting phenomemon taking place in my library that a lot of older women have become infatuated with Bella and Edward as a result all the buzz. I remember reading an article in Entertainment Weekly this summer about the Twilight craze and there was a sidebar article about Twilight Moms. Okay, I'm hooked. Of course there is Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire and Charlaine Harris' mystery series as well as Laurell Hamilton, but I also found Christopher Moore's Bloodsucking Fiends, described as "light, funny, and not at all hackneyed" as well as Elizabeth Kostreva's The Historian.

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