Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thing 14: Right in Your Own Backyard

I don't have a spooky event to post but it feels like something spooky just happened. I had never viewed AmericanTowns before. I clicked on the link in the assignment and it took me RIGHT to Weymouth. I didn't register, didn't search for did it know???? Then I discover that there is an entry for Weymouth Public Libraries and the entry is pulled directly from the History of the Libraries on our web page. And they've pulled events information directly from the library's online calendar. I think that's great, but am still a little bewildered as to how they knew when I pulled up the page that I was in Weymouth. And the bonus is, they've done my discover activity for me by posting all upcoming library events! I had some problems with this site as I kept trying to change the location to my hometown of Duxbury and it kept bouncing back to Weymouth. Finally, with success I found an interesting event happening in Duxbury this weekend (sorry, I'm so behind that a scary event seemed way out of date) Artists and Books at the Art Complex Museum.


Jennifer Koerber said...

My apologies for scaring you, Joanne. Rather than link to the main American Towns site, I decided to link directly to the Weymouth page to make a direct connection to a 26.2 Things participant (aka, you). I'm sorry also if that caused issues with changing your location -- I guess I gave you a little bit of an Extra Extra Mile to go.

I'm glad you were able to make headway and get to what interests you.


Joanne L. said...

Whew, thanks, I think. That thought never crossed my mind and I have to disagree, YOU are the one that went the Extra Extra Mile.